The Arragel Bible Edition

The Arragel Bible, an Old Testament translated from Hebrew with an extensive commentary, is one of the most important text of the European Middle Ages.

The text of the Bible translation is available in the Biblia Medieval corpus while the commentary is only accessible in a very short-run edition edition published in 1922, without a critical apparatus. A multidisciplinary team ‒Andres Enrique-Arias and Javier Pueyo, from the Biblia Medieval Project, Luis M. Girón Negrón from Harvard University and Angel Saenz Badillos from the Complutense University of Madrid‒ is working on a critical edition of the text and glosses of Arragel including comparisons with all the other romanceamientos, a comprehensive tracking of all exegetical sources, a linguistic commentary and a glossary. The editing project is supported by a grant from the American Council of Learned Societies.