Biblia Medieval

The Biblia medieval website is a collection of interactive electronic resources for the study of an important corpus of medieval Spanish texts: the Old Spanish translations of the Bible. In Biblia Medieval users can find:

  • An index of manuscripts with pertinent information on all the medieval codices that have preserved the Old Spanish Bible translations: content, date, source language and brief description of each manuscript.
  • A corpus that enables users to view in parallel columns the extant medieval Spanish versions of the Bible, compare them side-by-side with their Latin and Hebrew sources and consult directly facsimilar images of the manuscripts.
  • An updated bibliography containing editions of --along with theses, studies and reviews on-- these vernacular Bibles from the Spanish MIddle Ages. The bibliographic database is indexed and many of the entries contain an abstract of their content.
  • A page with external links, concordances, downloadable texts and other online resources on medieval Spanish, history of the Spanish language, Bible studies, Judaism and related topics.
  • A FAQ section with basic facts about the Old Spanish biblical corpus and general information about the resources in the Biblia medieval website.
  • A list of recent publications by members and collaborators of the Biblia Medieval project and research findings obtained through recourse to the Biblia Medieval corpus.